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Exploration and discovery are the chief components involved in the aspect of learning. In a growing child, these characteristics are very essential, as they help in building a solid foundation. With a strong base, the building blocks of life are steady and firm, enabling the child to grow efficiently. Which is why we emphasize and incorporate these very aspects when we nurture the children of ELC.

Our field trips were introduced to encourage and motivate children to imagine, explore and completely delve into an experience that will leave a lasting impact in their lives. ELC conducts field trips in and around the city, giving our children the chance to discover and grow. This allows them to have solid, hands-on experiences that are relevant to the lessons they learn in classrooms. We also encourage families to join in and take part in this adventure with their child. Nothing beats having family around when you’re on a thrilling journey.





Animal Shelter





Butterfly Park


Water Park


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