At ELC, we believe that no two children are alike. A blind replication of any teaching philosophy won’t stand the test of time in an ever-changing world. Hence, we offer child-centered practices that empower our teachers to serve as guides for each child’s educational progress. We are always looking at current research and innovation to develop new and personalized practices that center around the student. With an open-ended curriculum at ELC, we work closely with each child to further their interests and make joyful learning possible.


One-of-a-kind Pre-school Experience

We follow the principles and values of Maria Montessori and believe every child to be more competent than what society gives them credit for. We believe a child learns better when they are trusted; their rights are respected and their curiosity appreciated. At ELC Kindergarten, we celebrate uniqueness and nurture curiosity.Our scientific schooling methods and a supportive learning environment have enabled us to become the epitome of excellence in providing the best pre-school and kindergarten experience in Mangalore.


“Our vision is to provide all learners the access to high quality learning in order to help them become independent thinkers who shine with self-knowledge, creativity, competency and display empathy and respect towards people and environment.”


“We provide quality environments that facilitate quality learning. We encourage independence, curiosity and love for learning by nurturing a child’s passion and potential. We equip children with the power of friendship, care and knowledge.”


An economically independent and vibrant community that consistently provides the highest standards of excellence and innovation in learning within a stimulating nurturing environment

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